"The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it."

-William James

Artist Bio

ARTIST STATEMENT- "I never knew I was an artist, I felt dejected in art class and like a fool anytime I tried to create something, until the discovery of photography. I guess my artist statement is that I don't want anyone else to feel that way about art. Art should be accesible to all. Bringing together people from all walks of life is just sublime."
Michael Udell is a self taught artist that discovered photography by mere chance at the age of 39. After decades of struggling with alcoholism, trauma, and mental illness; he found what "ticked all his boxes". Due to his curious nature, tenacity, and experience; he will do whatever it takes to convey the stories in front of us, through photos.

Upcoming Events

Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention by Villain Arts February 23,24,25th 2pm-11pm, 11am-11pm, 11am-8pm Cleveland Convention Center Medina Home&Garden Show March 2nd&3rd 10am-5pm Medina County Community Center Rocky River Spring Avante Garde Art&Craft Show March 9&10 10am-4pm, 11am-4pm Rocky River Memorial Hall 3rd Friday Art Walk March 15th 5pm-9pm 78th Street Studios, Cleveland, Ohio JG Bunny Hop March 23 9am-2pm Emidio & Sons Banquet Center 48 E Bath Rd,Cuyahoga Falls,OH

Current Products


✓ Printed individually in house ✓ Fine art paper and professional equipment ✓ Ready to frame, with a signature black mat, allowing customers to choose a frame of their liking.
*Other mediums listed below, ie. canvas, acrylic, and metals are entrusted to vetted industry professionals.

2. Canvas Prints

✓ Ready to hang ✓ Hand-stretched canvas on a real wood frame ✓ Range of striking sizes available ✓ High-resolution photo printing in vivid colors

3. Glossy Metal Prints

✓ Ready to hang ✓ Fade and yellow resistant ✓ Sharper details, cleaner edges ✓ Vibrant, rich colors ✓ No photo surface protection needed ✓ Last forever and are nearly indestructible

4. Acrylic Prints

✓ Ready to hang ✓ True-to-life photo reproduction ✓ Beautiful shimmering depth effect ✓ Resistant to UV and moisture damage ✓ Meticulously cut with polished edges

5. Matte Metal Prints

✓ Ready to hang ✓ Bold metal composite panel ✓ Solvent-free photo reproduction ✓ UV-resistant direct print ✓ Lightweight polyethylene core

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